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Sampson Crowley

My name is Sampson Crowley and I am a Full-Stack Developer and Systems Administrator. If, like me, you are fascinated with how the technology in our lives functions or even are just looking for solutions to issues you've run into in development, this is a good place for you. Likewise, I am always listening for new ideas, usable feedback, and interesting projects -- whatever they may be.

On my GitHub Profile you will find web projects built on a variety of platforms and languages. The technologies and frameworks involved include NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, React, Angular(JS/2), PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elixir, Python, PHP and even a few of my own design. Normally on this site you would find both a link to my Github, as well as a my personal blog; however, I have temporarily taken my blog offline, since over the last few years I have been busy with full time and contract work and it has become a little dated... When I've completed bringing the existing content into the current decade, you will again find algorithms to increase runtime efficiency, solutions to technical problems I have run across in development, and a few bonus server infrastructure topics. If you've come looking for answers to an IT or software development related topic and it's not found here, please send me the problem you're stuck on. If I don't already have the answer you need, I bet I can find it.

For Interested Employers: My Latest Résumé