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How to Organize a Large List of Repos

I Just Broke 100

While taking a gander at my current vapor trail I realised that my list of repositories on github is now more than 100 long. When I stumbled across this discovery I felt a strange mix of pride and consternation. The pride of course was because the lengthy list of repositories is a physical representation of the hard work that I have put in to my developing studies over the past 4 months. The trepidation, however is why I have something to write about. 

First, why consternation?  As a budding developer I want people looking at my github profile to be able to easily browse projects I've built. But no one wants to scroll through 100 repos they don't know anything about. So in my own personal interests I went looking for a way to organize my profile.

Option #1: Namespacing

What it is:

Namespacing is probably the most simple way to organise your projects. Simply prepend projects names with consistent identifiers to give people an idea of what your repo is all about.

How to do it:

When you create a repository, prepend it with the main technology it is built on. For instance, you can prefix all Ruby on Rails projects with "rails-" or all angular projects with "angular-".


Quick and easy. No extra cost. Instant tech recognition.


You still just have one long repo list. Not all projects fit a single technology. Project names might look ugly to you.

To Be Continued..